Inclement Weather Procedures


Attendance Protocol if Buses are Cancelled by the HDSB due to inclement weather!

No parents will be called to check on student attendance when buses are cancelled by the HDSB. All students attendance will be recorded as "G” (meaning students weren’t in attendance but not marked absent). It will be assumed that all students are absent from school unless they are driven to and from school in which case the attendance will be altered to reflect this.

If your child is ill, please report it to the Student Attendance System (1-877- 409-6310 or go on line to to report your child's absence. Please remember that the cut off time for reporting into the system for Munn’s is 8:45 am the day of the absence. After 8:45 am, you are unable to report the absence on-line but must call the school 905-844-9461 (press 0 to reach office) to report their absence or you can email Mrs. Volpatti at

IMPORTANT - Please note that when busing is cancelled in the morning, it is cancelled for the ENTIRE DAY. For those of you that drive your child(ren) to school, please drop them off using the drop off and drive safely – student safety comes first. § DO NOT PASS vehicles in the kiss’n ride lane § Please use the correct entry and exit driveways § If you (as driver OR passenger) choose to exit the vehicle to help with backpacks, instruments etc., please PARK – DO NOT use drop off lane

REMEMBER… PATIENCE in drop off area is key to your child’s safety. Thank you.

Lastly, when school is CLOSED by the HDSB for the day, please check the HDSB website for information.