Food Days at Munn's

Food Days have returned ... 

These food items are organized by the school for fundraising purposes:

Pita Pit is every Tuesday and Subway every Thursday at 2nd Nutrition Break.  Students pre-ordered them for each term.  

Terra Cotta Cookie Days is every week on Friday's at 2nd nutrition break - students pre-ordered them for each term. 

We are hopeful Pizza days will return sometime in the future.  Thanks so much for your support.

Axxis Catering lunch is not available at this time.

Lunch Lady is not available at this time.

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In partnership with the school boards and our community, HFFT is the sole provider of Student Nutrition Programs in schools across Halton Region.


Student Nutrition Programs include nutritious meals and snacks and are available before or during school hours at no cost. These programs are a safe and reliable source of healthy food and are open to all students in a school’s community from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12. Halton Food for Thought believes that through the provision of healthy food, every student has the best chance at success.


We want all children to reach their full potential and lead healthy, active lives.


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