History of Munn's

A Short History of Munn's.....

Daniel Munn, a Loyalist of English descent, reached the shore of Lake Ontario in the year 1804. Having drawn Lot 16 on the south-east corner of the the Sixth Line, he set out on foot north from the lake through four miles of dense, native forest, to pick a spot for his future home. Mr. Munn was the first settler to arrive in these parts - in the whole township of Trafalgar there was probably fewer than a dozen settlers. Having established a home, Mr. Munn married Millicent, daughter of Jordan Post, a Loyalist from Connecticut who had arrived in York in 1802, and later settled at Postville. In the year 1807 there was an influx of settlers with children who joined the children already there and so a school was needed.

Daniel Munn gave the land on which the first school in the township was built in 1809. This substantial log structure served until 1852 as both school and church. In that year 1852, a new brick school with cottage roof complete with bell was built on the site of the present Munn's Church (Sixth Line, #5 Highway). Later, the land on which the first school had been built became a cemetery plot. In it is buried Daniel Munn, who died in 1822 and Millicent his wife survived him 42 years. Again in 1900 the people at Munn's Corners felt a new school was needed and that year erected the brick school on the Dundas highway which was used until the spring of 1954.

The present Munn's School was opened in September 1955. It then being an eight room school. At the opening, Mrs. Henriette (Munn) Biggar, a granddaughter of Daniel Munn, was present and officially re-dedicated Munn's School.

In September 1959, a six room addition was added to allow the school to accommodate 420 pupils. In October 1960, Sunningdale Public School was opened and approximately 200 children were transferred from Munn's to Sunningdale. In September 1966, the new Falgarwood School opened. Again approximately 200 pupils were transferred from Munn's to the new school. In the 1970s, 1980s and in 2009 additions were made to the school to accommodate an increasing student population.

Currently, Munn’s is a French Immersion school with students in grades 2 to 8.

We are very pleased that our school retained the Munn's name to perpetuate the memory of Daniel Munn who originally gave the land on which the first school in Trafalgar Township was built.